Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Feel Good Bag!

We did some shopping today and I finally remembered to bring our new Eco Friendly Bags (thanks Julie!) I felt so good about it!! They hold a ton and there's a little pocket on the inside to carry your wallet, phone, and keys! I have a pink caliper clip on my keys so it worked nicely to clip to the handle. The handle is long enough that you can carry it on your shoulder like a purse! I just folded up the one I wasn't using at the time and put it in the bag. Just for bringing my own bag I got to put my name in a raffle for a bag full of free groceries at Trader Joe's and I got $0.05 cent off my bill at Marsh. So...this is the "feel good" bag! And as always look trendy as you go! :)

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful bags! Here's another "feel good bag"